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I've heard this statement before, I've actually said this statement before. I was reminded of it Sunday at church. Kim Harvey spoke on behalf of Heartbeat and that was the title of her sermon. 'You don't know what people don't know'. Have you ever thought "how do they not know that" when you are explaining something to someone? It's easy to assume someone knows something because its obvious to you. But if they were never told, if they were never taught, then of coarse they don't know. How many times have you assumed that someone knows about Christ? Or about the meaning of Christmas? Surely everyone has heard! Maybe they know a little but, do they know the whole story? Not only do you not know what people don't know but sometimes THEY don't know, that they don't know. They may think they have all the information without realizing there is more to the story. Holidays are the best time to share what you know with others. It may be a simple as inviting them to a Holiday event.

That's where we come in! That is why we host the Journey to Bethlehem! We want people to know the whole story. What better way than to travel to Bethlehem and experience it first hand. When you visit Bethlehem we want you to feel what it may have been like to shop in the little shops just like all the travelers may have done. We want you to experience what the shepherds may have felt when the angels approached them. We want you to feel the disappointment of hearing "there are no rooms in the Inn". We want you to know the whole story when you arrive at the manager and see Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus and feel the joy that they feel as you see and hear them marvel over the Christ child.

I encourage you to invite someone to our Journey to Bethlehem this year. Even if you have invited them to church or some other event over and over again and they always turn you down. Invite them anyway! This may be the one time they say "yes"! Never stop inviting!

Let God do the rest.

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