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Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Hi everyone, and welcome. We invite you to join us for our 2nd annual Journey to Bethlehem. Like the Magi you can follow the star. You will find the Christ child, just as the Angels proclaimed to the shepherds, laying in a manger in swaddling clothes. As you follow the star you will meet many towns people along the way, you can visit with the shepherds as they tend their flocks. I wonder if you will meet up the Magi as they are making their way to see the Christ child. The marketplace will be busy, you can count on that, with all the people coming into town to be counted and taxed.

This is an exciting time for those of us getting ready for the Journey, if you know any of us that are on the committee, I'm sure you've heard us talk nonstop about it. Thats because we are excited to share the Reason for the Season! And that is Christ! We have planned an event for the whole family to enjoy. The crafts are always a hit with the children, as well as the petting zoo. Although there is not a charge for this event the marketplace is wonderful, and the adults love that they can come and buy last minute Christmas gifts from our local "towns people". We try to make it as interactive as possible, so it feels like you really are in the town of Bethlehem. We really hope that you will come and visit us in Bethlehem and be a part of this wonderful experience. Just follow the Star.

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