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DECEMBER 9th & 10th 2023

Journey to Bethlehem - A FREE Family Christmas Experience

• OPEN to the PUBLIC

• 2 NIGHTS ONLY • 4 to 8 Saturday, 4 to 7 Sunday • Rain or Shine

Interactive Outdoor Theater

• REAL Animals

  • Living Nativity


    About Journey to Bethlehem

  - - - - - - - - - -

Begin this Christmas season with an unforgettable new family tradition. Come and see what so many in our community are talking about. Travel back in time to first-century Israel to experience the Christmas story, the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

We invite you and your  family to join us for our 3rd annual production of a live theatrical experience, featuring a walk-through, outdoor drama; Journey to Bethlehem - . Like the Magi you can follow the star.; don't miss your chance to take part in this inspiring Journey.

Featuring a cast of over 50 community members in period costumes. We hope that your 'Journey' experience will be unique and fun no matter how often you visit.

This year's ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ takes place Saturday and Sunday, December 9th and 10th. Open to the public from 4pm to 8:00 pm Saturday and 4pm to 7pm Sunday. 'Journey' trail tours begin at 4:15 pm, departing every few minutes throughout the evening and continuing until the last guest is served.

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     2 Days Only - Admission is Free

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Your 'Journey' begins upon your arrival at the census table to enroll and be counted in the census, as mandated in a decree by the Roman governor Quirinius.. For the second leg of your 'Journey', you will join a small band of fellow travelers, setting out on the outdoor trail for an incredible, live, interactive theatre experience.

Your group, led by a first-century Jewish guide will embark on an 80-mile, week-long trek (15-minutes, in real figures) from their home in the tiny Galilean town Nazareth to the distant town of Bethlehem in Southern Judea. Along the way, your family group will encounter a host of colorful characters - fellow travelers, local residents, real animals, Roman soldiers, shepherds, and more.

Guests are encouraged to participate by interacting with characters, sharing stories, and helping with hands-on activities. Your 'Journey' will conclude with a heart-warming scene in a Bethlehem stable with a newborn baby and a promise of hope. Upon completing the trail, guests are invited to shop in our small town of Bethlehem (located in the barn) where you can purchase baked goods and other handmade gifts from our local merchants, while your children pet the animals and make crafts. To finish off the evening you are welcome to warm up with hot soup, a hot beverage and homemade cookies and to take an opportunity to reflect and share their 'Journey' experience with others.

This free event is open to the public. No ticket is required. Everyone is invited to attend and encouraged to share the invitation with others. Donations are excepted. We will be parking at Northmor (old building) parking lot again we have the Lifewise bus that will be transporting you to the farm. There is limited parking in the church lot beside the farm. 

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What They’re Saying

My husband, son and I went to journey through Bethlehem last year and we loved it! It's so important for us to be able to teach our son the true meaning of Christmas, not just the Santa stuff and this is a fun and interactive way to do so! We will definitely be back this year, and many years to come! Thank you for creating this experience!

Whitney Breshears

It felt like you stepped back in time.....

Monica Stickler

What a great experience, so authentic, the Bible brought to life! We went with our kids and grandkids, we all loved it. The live characters, animals and costumes were amazing. So much work and time went in to this production, it was spectacular! We are definitely planning to attend with the family again this year and hope you do too! Thanks group♥️

Ed & Carol Sickmiller

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